Could You be Sleep Deprived? Here’s What to do About It

There's a fairly good chance you're sleep deprived. More than a third of adults in the United States don't get enough sleep at night, and that can cause problems with health and wellness. According to the CDC, 35 percent of adults in the United States don't sleep the recommended seven or more hours each night. When you sleep less than seven...[ read more ]

December 13th, 2014

December 12th, 2014

Therapeutic Strategy (Sadness, Depression, Pessimism): Think about your favorite color. I love colors in general but a favorite of mine is Red. Let's say yours is Yellow. Now, tomorrow morning, wake up and make a note to yourself that you will look for your favorite color... yellow...throughout the day. It is factual that if you note this and keep it...[ read more ]

Psychology 101: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT

This blog starts my series on counseling theories and methods. I am a therapist who subscribes to an ecclectic approach to therapeutic technique... with a psychodynamic root and certainly an application that is more than anything cognitive-behavioral simply because that is the nature of therapeutic intervention. When setting an appointment and looking for a particular therapeutic theoretical mode, this question...[ read more ]

Today’s Awareness

Unhealthy behaviors and/or addictive behaviors are usually practiced either in isolation or in the presence of those who engage in similar behaviors. ​One strategy to manage an unhealthy behavior and/or an addictive behavior is to watch the environment (the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE) of the behavior. Resist providing (the WHAT) for the behavior WHEN and/or WHERE you are alone or...[ read more ]

September 08th, 2014

Let's Hear it for Babies Who Suck!!! Very possibly, from womb to grave, we as human beings whom God created as we are, engage in at least two observable reverting behaviors. Reverting is about going back to a more comfortable time; reverting behaviors are those behaviors that we may engage in to comfort us during times of stress. One of...[ read more ]

Consistent Grief

…. A Spiritual Perspective…. Oftentimes in life, I like to ponder God’s perspective. Scripture indicates that His ways are not our ways… His thoughts are far from ours. So, regarding grief, how might God think? As I ponder this question I think about Who God is… His qualities…how He reveals Himself in Scripture. God is a triune God… God the...[ read more ]

Social Sorrow

Perhaps morbid but definitely prudent advice: I meet people who after the loss of a loved one ... Tragically or otherwise ... Continue in grief due to ongoing social media pages over which they have no control. No matter your age, it is an act of compassion to leave directions regarding the location of passwords with a loved one or...[ read more ]


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