December 12th, 2014

Therapeutic Strategy (Sadness, Depression, Pessimism):

Think about your favorite color.

I love colors in general but a favorite of mine is Red. Let’s say yours is Yellow.

Now, tomorrow morning, wake up and make a note to yourself that you will look for your favorite color… yellow…throughout the day. It is factual that if you note this and keep it in mind, you will see more yellow than you would see if you did not note and stay aware of yellow.

Now associate yellow with HAPPY. So now you are going to wake up in the morning and look for HAPPY. As you look for more HAPPY, you will see more HAPPY. Additionally, now that you have associated a favorite color… you will probably see more of that color and you will think HAPPY when you see YELLOW.

Two principles are at work here:

1. The more we look for something, the more we will see that something.

2. Associations matter. Associations trigger thoughts and emotions so the more things you have in your mind that are associated with positive… the more positive you will be.

So… that is it! I hope this little therapeutic strategy will help your day be HAPPIER!

Take Care and PEACE!


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