Social Sorrow

Perhaps morbid but definitely prudent advice:

I meet people who after the loss of a loved one … Tragically or otherwise … Continue in grief due to ongoing social media pages over which they have no control. No matter your age, it is an act of compassion to leave directions regarding the location of passwords with a loved one or with loved ones you trust implicitly to manage your sites should the unexpected occur. Truly I have seen the perpetuation of grief due to the ongoing existence of social media sites over which a trusted loved one has no control … Even when those who remain on the sites mean well. It is not that well wishers can’t be very helpful… It is the matter of control. Probably the single most significant element in the treatment of grief and/or trauma… and especially traumatic grief … Is the feeling that one has control in the context of that grief. Should you lose the ability to do so… It is a beautiful gift to give loved ones a gift of control over your social sites.

I welcome thoughts, ideas, feedback.

Take Care and PEACE!

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