Tysha Pittman, RMHCI

Tysha Pittman’s philosophy of counseling is built on a cornerstone of love. Tysha believes that a client must feel the counselor’s devotion towards healing and that the counselor needs to recognize that the client’s ability to heal, learn, and grow can be passionate as Tysha’s is passionate. As a child and as an adolescent, Tysha experienced and overcame some of life’s greatest obstacles; during her childhood, Tysha appreciated the support of counseling. Tysha enjoys establishing a vision of what each client can gain in their lives through therapy. Tysha contends that teaching the client to rise above and beyond what they thought impossible for their lives gives them power and that therapy can provide and support the awareness necessary; this is Tysha’s mission.

​Tysha introduces the acronym of LOVE: L-learn, O-overcome, V-vision, E-excellence; this is foundational in her work as a counselor. Over the past thirteen years, Tysha has honed her skills and found her niche in guiding children in a constantly changing world, helping them to discover how they learn as individuals while also overcoming nearly overwhelming obstacles; Tysha has worked to give them a vision of hope for themselves, teaching them to have an expectation of excellence in everything they do.

Tysha has a rich professional experience including seventeen years as a Florida Certified Teacher and thirteen years as a Florida Certified School Counselor. As Tysha ministered and ministers to children and their families in the school system, she has found that she wants to be able to give more, to have more time with these children and their families. This is what lead Tysha to her current ambition, to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Currently, Tysha is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern. Tysha’s experience includes working diligently with children, families, and local agencies on issues as follows:

  • ​Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety,
  • Relationships/friendships
  • Anger management
  • Separation anxiety
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Parental Loss thru Death or Incarceration

The root of Tysha’s cornerstone of love is Jesus Christ. Tysha states: “He provides love like no other and as He accepts all, I also have an open heart to those who seek healing.”

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